Its is a tad vulgar talking about money, as most consultancy is based on quotations after an initial free project consultation, and can range from three to six figures. However, this section is ‘price guideline only’ for those not accustomed to consultancy fees, to establish the foot hills.

Understanding the services / fees and what you get in return.

‘Consultancy’ is a generic word that doesn’t do justice to some of the tasks achieved by the consultant for the client, nor does it illustrate the skill set or prowess of the consultant. Therefore, this page clearly lays out different levels of consultancy and fees provided by our consultancy services for you the client.

Expert Consultant: £499-1500 p/d

The Consultant plays a more autonomous role in the client’s requirement. Success or failure in some respects is as a result of the ‘Expert Consultants’ role, because the client is unable to succeed in the objective without the consultant’s expertise. In effect the client has abdicated control to the consultant. Respectively the client must allow the Expert Consultant to run with the idea and task ahead.

Another way of looking at the situation is that there is a 'challenge' and the consultant provides the solution. The client requires a much higher level of skill that has been born out of the consultant’s unique experience in business, technology and the media. For example, fees may range from £500 to six figures, for circumstances that have a dramatic effect on the clients business. These may include:

UK, European or world-wide award or accolade

News stories and editorial

Business rescue

Internet real estate rescue

Company branding creation

Marketing campaigns

Media and television campaigns

Pair of Hands Consultancy: £399 p/d

The Pair of Hands Consultant is where control sits firmly with the client. The key difference here is that the client clearly understands what needs to be done and broadly the workflow necessary and wants the consultant (or expert) to do it. It is customary that the consultant should receive some form of additional performance bonus should they secure significant achievements as cited above in the case of the expert consultant. Typically however, a ‘Pair of Hands Consultant’ merely supplements the client’s staffing requirements as required. These may include:

Generic IT Consultant

Generic Media Consultant

Interim Management Roles. 

For these roles the client must provide clear written description of what is required and provide the information and financial infrastructure to enable the consultant to achieve the role.

Collaborative Consultant: Fee by negotiation

The ‘collaborative consultant’ is where there is an interdependent relationship, and control of the project is shared by both parties. The client and their management works hand in hand with the consultant.

The success of the project is deeply linked to the client’s ability to contribute and influence the project risks and end game benefits should also be shared. This is why as a ‘Collaborative Consultant’ there is a lower day rate and a higher performance based element to the final fees. The performance based element should be clearly identifiable and quantifiable and mutually agreed by both the client and the consultant in writing. This usually takes the form of a large one off payment.

Reverse Mentor Consultant: £75 p/h

Reverse mentor consultancy is a bespoke service that aims to provide confidential assistance to experienced business managers, proprietors, directors and CEOs who while highly experienced in business, for one reason or another missed certain workflow necessities of the internet and media revolution. It is extremely common that due to their busy schedules they are now being marginalised by the skill sets of younger members of their team. It is not uncommon for these vital individuals to find themselves locked out of negotiations, or business control.

As a result of the above, many highly experienced business people have become vulnerable to business take over or just general loss of control over their web based real-estate. Over the last ten years we have seen more and more deception and business failure simply because (for example) business owners are out of the ‘IT loop’ and vulnerable.

Personal or Management Consultant: £50 p/h

The ‘Management Consultant’ specialises in providing one to one personality profiling of staff and teams for the purpose of increasing work based efficiency and improved company structuring. The client and their management works hand in hand with the consultant. 

Personal Consultant: £50 p/h

For personal consultancy, mentoring advice or just a listening ear.

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