Interview skills

Our bespoke media training day course will give you a real world, workable skill-set to help you face the media with strength, passion and confidence.

Our objective

This day course is delivered in two parts, a quick lecture session followed by an exciting and rewarding practical session. You will take part in intensely life like media interviews for television, with real full sized television equipment. Every interview is recorded for playback analysis.

Our courses are created for the needs of each participant, with bespoke elements introduced for each individual’s role. Course sizes can range from one to eight participants each. Pre course fact finding forms are sent out before the course event, to assist in bespoke training requirements.

Who is it for?

  • Chief Executives, CEOs and Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Company organisation spokespeople
  • New managers
  • All client facing staff

All Participants Receive

  • A DVD and or USB stick containing their interviews
  • Workshop training sheets
  • Media interview emergency card
  • 18 months FREE pre-interview advice by phone*
  • A certificate signed by a former masters class University lecturer in media studies. 

You will gain understanding in:

  • How news media works
  • What makes a news story
  • How news angles steer stories
  • The essentials of dealing with the media
  • Protecting and enhancing your reputation
  • How to use media communications effectively
  • The preparation of broadcast Interviews
  • Focusing and developing your own message and vocabulary
  • Deliver excellent television interviews
  • Being in control of crisis interviews
  • Voice control, body language and breathing, under pressure

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