Rick Cresswell Media specialist founder director

Since childhood I have been fascinated by people's beliefs, conflicts, drives and desires in order to resolve issues, and improve workflow.

Qualifications and practical experience:

  • Degrees in Fine Art and Design
  • Masters degrees in Film and Video, and Theology with Philosophy and Aesthetics
  • Expert understanding of Middle Eastern faiths
  • International cameraman and news package editor / producer
  • Crisis media management for public services
  • BND lecturer in Public Services
  • BND lecturer in Radio
  • BA & MA University lecturer in Media Arts
  • Project contracts with broad range of NHS departments
  • Practice in training stress and survival courses
  • Experience with broad range of charities and NGOs
  • Extensive knowledge of overt and covert recording
  • The rescue of web collapse and hostile take over
  • CeTC cert. WHO, Jordan Amman
  • Current CRB holder (last updated March 2017)
  • Qualified and insured CAA approved unmanned surveillance aircraft pilot
  • Languages: Very basic French, International Arabic and Russian

Real world examples as a cameraman, editor, producer or media advisor:

  • UK school educational health think tank projects: Gov.
  • International crisis and terrorism coverage for: ITV, SKY, BBC, ITN, ABC
  • Y2K media management NHS
  • International shipping disasters: SAT24, Bloomberg, NRK1
  • Environmental disasters: NRK1, ABC News, Bloomberg, NRK1
  • Conflict scenarios with UK Med
  • Conflict scenario training with the NHS and the Ambulance service
  • Diversity solutions for the Lord Chancellor’s Dept.
  • Health and safety communications for warships
  • PR delivery for the Ambulance service
  • PR delivery for the Fire service

Publications, productions and presentations (as part of broader teams).

  • Media Training for Humanitarian Deployment for UK Med / UKIETR
  • Development of web based volunteer portal for UKIETR communication and registry
  • CeTC hostile scenario training in Jordan Amman: WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • CeTC - Toxidrome: Blister Agents and Cyanide and Cyanongens
  • CeTC - Toxidrome: Incapacitating Agents: Dispersal Clinical, Presentation & Management
  • CeTC - Introduction to CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) weapons
  • CeTC - Toxidrome Organophosphates: Dispersal Clinical, Presentation and Management
  • CeTC - PPE: Managing Risks to Healthcare and Staff
  • CeTC - Toxidrome: Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Post diagnostic diabetes research software development for Prof. Ken MacLeod
  • Media communications and imaging for genetic research for Prof. M Shepherd
  • Imaging with Microscopy for Ergonomic Environmental Placement
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for Ergonomic Environmental Placement 
  • Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy, International Congress of Surgery, Geneva
  • Molecular imaging and CGI representation RILD EHA NHS
  • Dementia research and development for EHCA / RD&E NHS
  • The Devon Garden Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
  • Song for Syria: Oxfam fund raising media project
  • Trust Me [Ed. publication] (sexual eduction for UK schools) as part of UK curriculum
  • Ben Nat & Baby Jack [Ed. publication] (unplanned pregnancy) as part of UK curriculum

Pending papers

  • Understanding and working with and alongside news media acquisition and delivery for NGOs in locations of humanitarian crisis (pending 2017-18)

Links / refs. pending update.

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